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Access Control

2 Doors Access controller

  1. May connect 4 T2/Wiegand or RS-485 readers for door controlled.
  2. Provide 15,000 cardholders.
  3. Provide 40,000 transactions.
  4. Provide 1,000 hardware events.
  5. Provide 128 time zones and schedules
  6. 8 time conditional unlock door schedules per door, provide flexible management.
  7. Provide holiday schedules to current and next year. 100 sets per year.
  8. Blacklist to prevent unknown usage of lost card.
  9. Authorizations and swipe card records may save in the panel over 10 years after power off.
  10. TCP / IP interface may connect with HAS-HAMS for access control management.
  11. Support passive and active TCP/IP communication.